I love Ted.. so thought this was cute:) courtesy of Ben Lovett hehe

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He looks like he’s about to break into a musical number.

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Bastille + Brit Awards

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Happy Winnie makes me oh so happy

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Title: Only Love (live The Brits 2013)
Artist: Ben Howard & India Bourne

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"darling you’re with me, always around me.

darling I feel you forever and always.”

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100 days of Marcus (6/100) feat. Ted


so hey guys! as I said I will do a giveaway for you so here it is. I honestly dont know how giveaways are done here, so I made up my own rules and mixed them with those I used to see on my dash. I wanted to appreciate it, I hit 1200 followers today so Im really happy for it and the fact that you guys stick with this blog , I love you all and I wanted to do some good for you.

so: there will be 4 winners!


  1.  little pack : a Wolf lady shirt by Dear Friends Clothing + a small gift (youll find out)
  2.  little pack : Jenny Colgan - Working Wonders book + FatFace notepad
  3. little pack: Ben Howard - Every Kingdom Stripes Tshirt + a little cosmetic bag and a cream.
  4. little pack: Ben Howard - The Burgh Island Tank West + big grey scarf.


you must be following me.

  • reblog it to enter. (reblog it as many times as you wish cause why not? but don’t spam your lovely followers)
  • you have to be okay with giving me your adress if you win.
  • I will ship anywhere!
  • giveaway ends on April 1st,. 2014
  • I will write every single one of your names on a small paper and throw them to a bowl then mix it and randomly pick 4 of you ( I think this is probably fair enough)
  • my askbox is open so if you tell me a story about your favorite musician (anything influence, concert experience - that counts as a + to the giveaway and your name will be twice in the bowl !( I will also post the stories)
  • please leave your askbox open cause I will write to the winners on the next day!
  • if the winner doesn’t answer within 24 hours, another one will be picked.

have fun, hope you’ll like it good luck to everyone and may the odds ever be in your favour! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to answer. Sorry this isn’t much but hey it’s still something.

love, Sunny.

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“It was crazy and exhausting and quite overwhelming,” says Mulligan, “the biggest, craziest production I’ve ever been involved in.”

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