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Title: Unfinished Business
Artist: Mumford & Sons

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But, you have blood on your hands
And I know it’s mine


if you ever think about sending me an ask and decide not to cause “oh she doesn’t care” or “oh I don’t want to bother her” literally I’m the loneliest piece of shit you can find and would still love you if you sent me the word nuzzle over and over again

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dew-process whispered: Hi! We're Mumford and Sons Australian record label. Just wanted to say that we <3 your blog! Mumford forever :)

OMG, thank you sooo much!  It means a lot <3

Title: Flaws (Acoustic)
Artist: Bastille
Album: Flaws - Acoustic
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In case anyone needs some cheering up at the moment.

his voice is so perfect


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Title: Thumper
Artist: Mumford & Sons

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Mumford & Sons - Thumper

you don’t even have to go that far
to get all that you want from me
well I don’t know
who you are to me

I’m a believer
I’m no deceiver

Title: Untitled
Artist: Mumford & Sons
Album: The Cave
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Untitled on the 2010 release of The Cave single. Untitled later became Nothing is Written, which later became one of their biggest hits, I Will Wait.